Moon Shelf Hanging Tips

 Step One

Lay the shelf face down with the two saw blade brackets facing up. Then take your tape and cut a piece the length of your Moon Shelf or longer.

Step Two

Attach tape to the flat side of the bubble level. Take your bubble level and lay it across the back of the shelf at the top of the two saw blade brackets

Moon Shelf









Step Three

Mark the tape with a pencil in the center of each saw blade bracket

Moon Shelf for Crystals 3

 Step Four

Take the bubble level to the wall where you want to hang the shelf. Level the bubble level on the wall and mark the wall where both marks are on the tape.

Moon Shelf 3

Step Five

Once the wall is marked, double check the location and with the level to make sure the marks on the wall are straight and level.

Moon Shelf 4

 Step Six

Drill holes and insert two wall anchors and screws into the wall for maximum strength. Optional: hanging hooks with nails should only be used for lighter weights. Install rubber wall bumpers at the bottom of the shelf.

Moon Shelf Hardware

Moon Shelf Bathroom