Dried Preserved Flowers

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Bring good vibes into any room with our Dried Preserved Flowers. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, a wedding venue, or do a DIY project, our dried flowers are exactly what you need to add a boho touch. Our nature dried flowers are suitable for many kinds of occasions. These are more beautiful than the fake flowers. You can mix with other bouquets as you like, and they will look great in every floral arrangement!


  • Works great as a closet or room freshener
  • Beautiful decor for your home or office
  • It makes a unique gift that will last a long time
  • Use high-quality flowers to dye and dry
  • Durable and real than artificial flowers


  • Total Length: 40-55CM (a bunch of flowers).
  • Flower head diameter:1 - 3mm.
  • Package content: A bunch of flowers,80g/set flowers ( It can be arranged alone or with other flowers and plants.)30g/set flowers & 20g/set flowers( It can be decorated with other plants and flowers.)